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Twisted Tonic Water was established in 2020 while our founder worked in the hospitality industry. Working at the bar, he identified the need to give consumers an option when choosing a mixer to go with their choice of Gin. 


We believe traditional Tonic Water has fallen behind the times and fails to meet the needs of younger pallets. As younger consumers opt for Lemonade as a sweeter alternative, this often overpowers the inherent flavours of the Gin making for an inferior experience.

Twisted was born as a way for consumers with sweeter pallets to fully enjoy the Gin experience. 



To fully realise our vision, we partnered with an industry-leading recipe developer. Our brief took us to South-East Asia to source the perfect exotic flavours in.


We fell in love with the strong citric flavours of Thai Limes which was complimented by the sweet essence of Lemongrass. 


From Spain, we sourced Quinine from Cinchona bark to give our mixer the distinct, refreshing Tonic water taste.


Our ingredients are shipped to a family business in the UK where bottles are filled with love and care.

We do this to ensure maximum quality control and freshness.

Our bottles are then shipped to our Glasgow headquarters where orders are fulfilled for our amazing customers.



We want to cary our nonconvntional approach to mixers throughout all aspects of our business.


Our goal is to bypass and rewrite established trends and traditions in the drinks industry.  We aren't comfortable in comfort zones 

We want to partner with the boldest and the best to bring our customers new experiences and twisted nights to remember.